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San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico Travel Guide

Most people headed to San Cristobal are either passing through coming from Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and headed down to Guatemala. To be honest I never heard of San Cristobal before I had always looked at the map and never got drawn to go here.

San Cristobal is such an underrated Mexico destination. It is a must - go to destination.

Did you know San Cristobal is a highland town? its elevation is 2,200 m above sea level and is located in (my opinion) the most beautiful part of Mexico. It is surrounded by crisp pine trees and is considered to be located in the highland valley. In the winter months it does get to 0 degrees (celsius) at night so It was nice to arrive to here after months of being near the coast to have a break away from the heat and to put on a sweater.

We have visited here a few times and is one of our favourite places in Mexico; and

we always end up talking about the food because it was our biggest highlight being here. There is so much to explore between food, shopping, day trips to the canyon or to the waterfalls. It is located in South Mexico in the state of Chiapas.


Is San Cristobal considered a safe backpacking destination?

The answer is yes! One of the most safest places in Mexico although there is wrong place wrong time like any other place. I had no fear walking in the middle of the night.

Below I want to share with you my favourite places in San Cristobal

Where to Eat..

I'm sitting here drooling thinking about all the amazing food I had. Do you ever have a special place where you just keep getting drawn back? This is one of those places especially for the food. There is hundreds of restaurants to pick from - like endless. We spent our first 10 days here and went out for breakfast and dinner everyday - Why? because the food is so cheap and locally sourced then any other place in Mexico.

Below you'll find my places to go to eat....

This place is absolutely beautiful. We went out for dinner here on our last night, and we had looked on google for the best places to go for dinner and it had came up and I was unsure I wanted to. Seriously one of the best places for dinner. They have a fabulous drinks menu and so much to pick from on the menu.

Located on Real de Guadelupe 63 Main Street of San Cristobal is this amazing restaurant called Pachamama. We had went here on our first evening, and had the most delicious meal, they are known for their burgers and pizza. So fresh and done up so nice. Must go!

If you are vegan or if you love fresh vegan food then this is your place. It's tiny but mighty, they have lots to pick from on their menu between all hours of the day. They have smoothies, juices, pastas, soups and more.

Located in the Centro Zone.

Spent many of our mornings sipping our lattes here. I love the fact you can pick the way your coffee is brewed and what kind of roast you want. It has a court yard where locals come and play music or you will see artist's painting. It is a special cafe. Amazing coffee.

Located on Avenida Belisario Dominguez 35.

Moa has a place In our heart for sure. It opens a little later in the morning, and has one of the best brunch menu ever. Their smoothies are to die for. The staff are super lovely also.

Located on Isabel La Católica, Barrio de Guadalupe.

This vegan restaurant is stands out in a way of how vegan food is made. They put a lot of work into their menu making from scratch. They have lots of options on their menu. I got the pasta one evening and a burger another. Both super delicious. They have inside and a courtyard for eating. It can be really chilly at night in the courtyard.

Located on C. Niños Heroes 5b, Zona Centro.

Want to sip a locally craft beer and hang out with some new friends? maybe order some food too? They have a great pizza menu, and lots of different brewery bites. Their craft beer is super good too! Make sure to check it out.

Located on Flavio A. Paniagua 76 bis, Barrio de Guadalupe

Where to Stay..

Just like the food, there is endless places to stay in San Cristobal for every budget between airbnbs and hostelworld there is never any problem finding accommodation. San Cristobal is considered really cheap compared to the rest of Mexico which also makes the time more enjoyable and can travel longer.

Below is budget accommodation I'd recommend...

This hostel is #1 on Lonely Planet for San Cristobal Hostels. It was a very lovely stay, a great step up and awesome vibe. We had stayed here a week and recommend booking a week advance ass this hostel does book up quick. They have a fire pit and a kitchen but we didn't use it because the food is super cheap eating out.

Located on Real de Mexicanos 16, Barrio de Mexicanos.

Hostel La Casa Paco

On our second time back in San Cristobal we booked last minute and this was what was available so we took it! It was a great stay, the common area was in a open courtyard and was just very relaxing away from the Main Street.

Located on Calle Diego de Mazariegos 80, Barrio de la Merced.

What to Do..

You will never be bored in San Cristobal there is just so much to be explored whether you got 2 days or a week - you will be able to fill your time with lots of adventures. There is lots of streets to be explored, and many hidden gems.

Below is some ideas what to do and see...

Cerro de Guadalupe

Cerro de San Cristobal


Plaza 31 de Marzo


In the areas above you will find craft markets, food markets and stands, and also lots of picture perfect areas. The best time to explore is at night when everyone comes out.


The population of San Cristobal is 185,000, and was founded in 1545. Which means that it hold a lot of history.

Below our 3 Museo I recommend visiting...

Located on Cala Lazaro Cardenas, and costs Mx$65 pp.

Located on Cala Lazaro Cardenas, and costs Mx$60 pp.

Located on Plazuela de la Merced, and costs Mx$40pp.

Day Trips

When walking down the Main Street of San Cristobal there is quite a bit of places to purchase these day tours. They all are super special places that are a must to see if wanting to do day tours.

Note: You can do some of these tours by collectivo or taxi as well...

  • Aqua Azul Waterfalls

  • Palenque

  • Sumidero Canyon

  • Montebello Tour

  • Chiflon Lakes

How to get here & away


Most people travelling to San Cristobal is trying to get from one side to the other or headed down to Guatemala. There is lots of options when it comes to getting to your next destination or headed here. As Its more inland most buses are coming from far away such as Cancun or Oaxaca so most of them are over night.

Located on Real de Guadalupe 16

This is a first class service with comfy seats. They have destinations to via Cancun (MX$1200 pp), via Oaxaca coast (MX$800), and to Tuxla Guiterrez (MX$75 pp). The price varies between busy season and the time of day.

Note: these are the main destinations they stop along the way

Collectivo Vans (aka Combis)

Located a block away from the OCC bus station our lots of collectivos sitting on the Pan American shouting out the destinations they are headed too. If you want to head to the waterfalls, to Guatemala or take the cheap route to your next destination this is how. They are super cheap. The main destinations these collectivos head to is; Comitan, Tuxla Guiterrez, Ocosingo, Zinacantan and San Juan Chamula.

Depending on the destination the price always varies and can take longer than 1st class service.


San Cristobals closest airport is Angel Albino Corzo near the city of Tuxla Guiterrez and it's a tiny airport. Most flights leaving and arriving from mostly to Mexico City and they are super cheap.

Arriving & departing : ADO mini bus have a direct service from the main OCC station it costs around MX$200 to MX$400 pp.

Below you will find my gallery of San Cristóbal de las Casas...

Thank you for checking out my blog post on San Cristobal del las Casas. If you want more of my Mexico Travel Guides click the button below for more!


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