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Cabo San Lucas & Area Travel Guide

Cabo is located at the bottom of the Baja California State of Mexico. This location is very popular from spring breakers, retires, and the famous. Only a population of 89,000 people and continuing to grow with resorts and apartments popping up on on every oceanview ridge. Cabo is an awesome destination to hunk away from the cold winter; it has lots of airbnbs, apartment rentals and resort stays. It holds the best place to watch the whales, dolphins and other marine life play watching from the beach, it holds the best sunrises and sunsets, and never really has a cloud in the sky.

Not only is the Cabo area a great place to hangout, just outside Cabo there are ATV adventures, surfing schools, hiking and small town exploring. Renting a car? Want to take day trip out of the City? Why not head up the La Paz for the day visiting Mexicos famous Beach Balandra, or heading to Todos Santos for a little shopping, gem finding cafes or a day at Cerritos Beach watching the surf. Los Barilles is only 74km away from Cabo, it has a small sanded road beach town vibe to it.


Cafes are always on my bucket list when heading to a new destination. Each one holds a unique experience, vibe and allows you to sit down, relax or have a good conversation with someone new. Cabo has a fair amount of cafes, but these are the ones I recommend most.

Recommended Cafes:


Like every city in Mexico there is always a shopp on every corner from your souvenir shops to your shopping centres . When heading to new destination there is nothing I love more then exploring new shops, new boutiques and an organic stores. I find every city having a unique organic store selling their latest mix of essential oil or blend. They use different ingredients that support their culture, beliefs and share it to the world. I love finding a good 'Paca' full of used clothes for a cheap price to enhance my backpacking style on a budget. Checking out a culture event and seeing the local talent is really important when visiting Cabo.

Recommended Shopping:


Around Cabo there are plenty of beaches to soak in the sun. As I always say there is nothing wrong with a little beach hopping and checking out the waves and different sand textures. Each one of the beaches are so unique; from ocean life and the local culture. The highway from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose has so many options to set up a beach chair, umbrella to enjoy the sightseeing of whales, dolphins and beautiful sunsets.

Recommended Beaches

Medano Beach

Chileno Bay

Santa Maria

Costa Azul

Playa el Tule

Playa Acapulquito

Playa Pedregal

Lovers Beach

Divorce Beach

Cannery Beach


Cabo has plenty of places to head up a mountain for a good view of the ocean and the city. If you don't like hiking there is lots of places to go for an ATV ride of of the city, or plenty of ocean activities like snorkelling, fishing or party boats. One thing the Cabo doesn't lack is things to do. I feel like this city has every want and need when it comes to adventures.

This hike is so beautiful, I would suggest doing it at sunrise or sunset. It is just a couple minute drive up from the downtown area near a food garden. You get to see the cruise ships near the arch, the mountains in the back and the sandiness and golf courses on the pacific side. This is a must see city view hike. Would highly recommend doing It if staying near the downtown or if you have a rental car.

Car Rental

Online I found it tough to find a good car rental place with good reviews. As I was staying near downtown Cabo I needed to find one on the main strip instead of picking up from the airport in San José del Cabo. I had found really two good rental places, one at the time didn't have any cars available because of spring break but had the best reviews. I was expecting coming to Cabo to pay around $15 a day, but the average price goes for $35 and over. We wanted to explore more then the Cabo and San Jose area, that's why we chose to rent instead of take local transportation.

Recommended Car Rental:


Local Bus & Uber

Local transport is one of the important things in my travel, I find that 1st class bus prices are way to expensive to get from place to place especially in the Baja. If there was a way to buy a car in Mexico being a tourist count me, but it is not legal. We have found travelling there is always a cheaper way, from collectivo's, hitch hiking and sometimes uber (taxis are pretty expensive here in the Baja but not so much in other parts of Mexico).

We have seen that there is two different local buses that go from north of Cabo to the downtown area, and from north of Cabo to San Jose for fairly cheap.


Local White Bus

Local Purple & Black Bus

National Bus

This bus station sits on the corner of highway 19 heading north of downtown area. The main company is called Aquila and heads up to Todos Santos, La Paz, Loreto, Mulege and all the way up to Tijuana. The prices are really high compared to the rest of Mexico and the bus company ADO.


Los Cabos main airport is in San Jose (SJD), which is about 30-45km depending on where your staying. There is a local shuttle that costs around $20usd and brings you to your hotel or area. The domestic and the international are disconnected, you have to walk from one to the other for connection flight.

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