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All About Me



My name is Alliey welcome to my page.

Im a 25 yr old Canadian girl on a backpacking  budget travelling the world. What brought my first travel "inspiration" was my first 6 week backpacking trip through Central America at the age of 19; and since then I have been hooked. Owning a brand new vehicle, a room full of materialistic items, soul sucking 9-5 jobs and the environment I no longer seem fit it was time at age 21 after working 3 years with 3 jobs, endless bills and managed to save a good chunk of money and headed off to New Zealand for a year of solo travel. There is no better feeling then setting off into the world all alone, In a place you have no idea what your doing but letting life run its course, the opportunities come and the paths cross. I believe that travel is a must-do thing when your at a young age being able to experience different cultures, food, people and getting the courage to travel.

Travel is not my only passion, I love vegan food, minimalistic living and holistic lifestyle; Its all connected together. There is nothing better travelling, experiencing great fresh vegan food grown locally in the region and being served differently around the world. 

I hope I can not only motivate you to travel but to inspire you with all the places there is all around the world on a budget whether its in a van, hitchhiking, backpacking or holiday travel. There is always a way to make travel cheaper and being much more of an adventure 



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